Edwin works with brands on communications consultancy, copywriting and has ghostwritten speeches, opinion articles and a business book. Clients range from multinational companies to C-suite executives, startups and private individuals. Some of the projects he has worked on are described on this page.

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UBS Life's Questions campaign

When the investment bank sought to reassess the way it spoke to its clients, it launched a wide-ranging and ambitious project in partnership with Publicis and digital agency POKE. Working with the latter, Edwin wrote much of the copy that communicated the bank's new identity and messaging. This included the Life's Questions campaign, with specially commissioned original work by photographer Annie Leibovitz, and the Nobel Perspectives microsite, which shed light on the ideas and people to have won the famous prize.

KPMG's 'Me, My Life, My Wallet' report

The international consultancy firm launched a new, groundbreaking programme that was designed to analyse the ways in which consumer behaviour is changing. Edwin marshalled original research and multiple stakeholders in his role as editorial consultant for the project.  

Google workplace collaboration report

Edwin incorporated data from original research, the Google view on the role of collaboration in the workplace and interviews with senior Google clients to put together this report.